Do You Need Anti Blue Light Glasses?

Do You Need Anti Blue Light Glasses?

Have you ever felt like your eyes were dry and you had a headache after staring at a computer screen – well, you’re not alone. Your Phone, laptop, or Computer screen, emit blue light, which has negative consequences on your eyes, including eye strain, dry or watery eyes, and irritated eyes. Also, the blue light waves are known to sabotage your sleep schedule because it messes with the internal clock that tells you when it’s time to sleep or be awake (circadian rhythm).

In this digital world, most of us can’t escape having to use tablets, phones, computers in our everyday life. So how do we handle these negative consequences of digital screens? Do yourself a favor – Get Anti Blue Light Glasses as the latest wellness trend.

What are Anti Blue Light Glasses?

As the name suggests blue light blocking glasses have specially crafted lenses that block or filter out the blue light that digital screens emit. These lenses will protect your eyes from glare and can help to reduce potential damage to your retina from long exposure on blue light.

Benefits of Anti Blue Light Glasses

Better Sleep

Late-night screen time throws off sleep patterns because the blue light affects melatonin which is the sleep hormone. Decreased blue light at night signals the body to generate sleep hormones (melatonin). These are the main benefits of anti-blue light glasses.

Anti-blue light glasses

Reduce Eyestrain

Staring at a screen all day will cause problems to your neck and it shouldn’t surprise you that these digital screens will cause eye strain. One of the reasons for eye strain is the bright blue light. Using anti-blue light glasses will reduce eye fatigue and other things that come with it (headaches and blurred vision).

Anti blue light glasses


Well, you just read this blog while exposing your eyes to the blue light among other things that you do all day with your digital devices. There is some blue light everywhere, even the sun and the indoor light have some level of blue light, and you have to learn to manage this exposure.

As we stand in front of screens every day we increase the amount of blue light we’re exposed to. And that’s why you need blue light filtering glasses.

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